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Call on a Skilled Interior Decorator in San Francisco, CA

While the outside of your home might be what invites family members, guests, and prospective home buyers into your home, the inside is a huge contributor to its look, feel, and overall value. A beautifully planned interior is designed to fit the lifestyle of the homeowner. Whether you favor space, privacy, or another interior design element, you can have the utmost confidence when you trust our interior decorator in San Francisco, CA, that perfectly meets your aesthetic and functional needs.


If you are looking to improve the interior atmosphere of your home, partnering with the interior decorator can make a substantive difference in your overall remodeling project. When you put your design needs in the hands of our specialists, we’ll help you flesh out your custom designs, and we’ll leave you with the perfect modern house interior you’ve always dreamed of.

Learn More About How We Work Our Design Process

Our Design Process:

The core of the JAID (Jane Antonacci Interior Design) philosophy is to deliver renovations for our clients that accurately reflect their personal taste and style.  Therefore, making preliminary assessments to understand our clients’ design values and stylistic preferences are crucial. They allow us to explore and understand the client’s desires, dreams, and the most effective means of delivering their custom designs.


We strive to explore each client's philosophies and lifestyles to understand the aesthetic objective, timeline, and budget fully.  Using that knowledge, we’ll develop solutions structured to your needs. This includes space plans, inspiration boards, drawings and renderings, colors, and materials to communicate two or three big ideas, of which the client will select their favorite.  After we identify what suits your preferences best, our interior decorator is able to produce the furnishings budget and then design accordingly.

Design Development:

We refine concepts our clients like most during the design development phase. To do so, we collaborate closely with project architects and builders to create seamless looking interiors. In addition, we manage custom elements and defining various furnishing in even greater detail.  At this phase, we hold ongoing consultations with clients, utilizing detailed drawings, renderings, and computer walk-throughs to help our clients visualize their custom designs and make choices easily.




Design completion and Installation:

Let us provide you with turnkey installations. Led by our skilled JAID team, our collective of artisans, movers, and installers work seamlessly to realize the vision. Everything from area rugs to artwork to accessories, bedding to baths, we install and ensure they’re ready to use.  When you need assistance or inspiration, call on us to elevate your renovation project with targeted advice. We look forward to working with you and making your home more beautiful and comfortable than ever before.